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Vinnie joins Zhang on guard duty in the hall, but it’s a boring post; Asuka’s enemies aren’t desperate enough to want to cause trouble in a courthouse. Meanwhile, Anabel rents a nice, speedy, and (anticipating Vinnie’s biases) Italian car – a Lancia – and parks it in the spot Vinnie designated. Back at the hotel, Wen carefully manufactures a TMPD ID card for Anabel, who adjusts her disguise to match the photo perfectly. After a lot of food, drink, and karaoke, Anabel, Jili, Qoqa, and Wen return to the hotel.

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Yoshida is again thrilled to be in the company of not one, two, or three, but four women – this time at an expensive restaurant filled with businessmen, some associated with whom look distinctly jealous of him. The Chief proves to be even more easygoing when he’s away the job, as well as the Brokers manage to steer discussion to what it’s such as to be considered a police man of science.

This is clearly the reference to Asuka’s scenario, so learning about 2 likely hostile rivals will be worth the cost of dinner. Yoshida gives his subordinate the particular okay, and the Brokers jili เกมยิงปลา get ready to get a go walking. Anabel arranges in order to bump into the specialist on the way out of the room, whereupon she slickly takes the woman’s entry pass and palms it off to Wen.

Then she orders Wen to go back and start breaking down the demo setup. Yoshida’s people file into the room and stand around faking interest, tablet computers in hand. When everybody is ready, Qoqa runs the machine, Anabel delivers the presentation, and Jili plus Wen fade back such as good assistants should. The particular whole production goes nicely, and ends having a question-and-answer session that’s easily dealt with with the canned reactions prepared by Staedert’s individuals. Since the TMPD technicians keep, Jili distributes USB secrets containing documentation.

Fun Game Jili

Checking in with Vinnie and Zhang by phone, they learn that their day passed uneventfully. Anabel shares what she learned from Yoshida, and then everybody turns in for the night.