To Save America, We Must Rebalance Our Economic System

A proposed platform for a trans-disciplinary evaluation of sustainable development plus social ecology. International Diary of Social Ecology plus Sustainable Development, 1, 41–69.

With this study, we experienced some limitations, for instance there is no exact indicator for measuring the concept of reward structure, especially within developing countries. In inclusion, many developing countries possess a weak statistical business and their data lender does not support the particular TH model. We recommend that future research may measure correlation between TH result along with other indicators associated with knowledge economy in various nations. Using ISI database, this individual managed to demonstrate various patterns of integration at culturally different parts of the world.

Economic System

Leydesdorff concluded that industry and university cooperation in publishing scientific papers in European system was far less than the USA and countries in Southeast Asia. Many other researchers have used this method including Leydesdorff and Sun, Park and Leydesdorff and Leydesdorff et al.. “This data is readily available in bibliographic databases such as the Science Citation Index. However, the focus in these studies remains on the science system and not on innovation”. This study, using theoretical literature, tries to add another factor that contributes to the realization of a knowledge base Economy, reform of the reward structure. We state that, in this model, no decent attention has been paid to the reward structure and too much attention has been focused on Intellectual property.

In this regards, the paper tried to explore one of the shortcomings of the Triple Helix Model in analyzing and explaining the situation of developing countries in terms of moving towards knowledge-based economy. Stiglitz doesn’t dedicate so much as a sentence to potential pitfalls of expanding state intervention in markets. One can’t help but chuckle that he deservedly won his Nobel Prize for pioneering “information theory” yet seems oblivious to the limitations in information that plague central planning. Progressive capitalism is not the only seeming compromise that tumbles toward its own brand of ideological perfectionism. Take conscious capitalism, a curious recasting of the simplistic notion that all problems are solved by firms maximizing their profits. The path to perfection under this system lies in firms awakening to a deeper understanding of what their profits truly are. The way out, naturally, lies in perfecting the regulation, limitation, and control of markets by an enlightened state.

They had been contained in the USSR, plus they will be present in any kind of man-made system. This e-book sheds light around the roots of the Sino-American financial conflict, the current effects from the conflict on financial activity around the globe, and the likely effects for the future associated with globalisation. Can ‘the public’be considered as a 4th helix in university-industry-government relationships?

Measuring the knowledge foundation of an economy within terms of triple-Helix relationships among ‘Technology, organization, plus territory, ‘. Triple Helix, quadruple Helix and quintuple Helix and how perform knowledge, innovation and the particular environment relate to every other?